2022 Summer

AFST 352B Summer 2022 Term 1: Register Now!

Hi There,

Are you looking for a Summer Course to take at UBC this summer? If so, then here is AFST 352B Course Summer 2022 Term 1 for YOU. See detail below and attached. Please, feel free to contact me at jskofi.gbolonyo@ubc.ca if you need further information.



AFST352B: Contemporary Africa: The Politics of Representation and Identity

Kofi Gbolonyo

Summer Term 1 2022

Tuesday/Thursday 12-3pm


This course is one of our newest offerings from the African Studies Program at UBC and is open to all interested students. This course was originally co-designed and taught by professors Deena Dinat, Suzanne James, and Kofi Gbolonyo in Summer 2020.

This term, Kofi Gbolonyo will lead multi-media classes that delve into ethnomusicology, popular culture through documentary/film studies and critical theory from and about 21st century Africa.

Through a combination of in-person and online (synchronous and asynchronous) lectures, presentations, and interactive discussions, AFST352B will introduce students to the creative and critical interventions made by African filmmakers/directors, pop musicians, artists, and thinkers. Engaging ideas around race, gender, queer identity, spirituality, and capitalism, we will explore how cultural expression intersects with the ideas of Africa in the 21st century. Together we will ask questions like: How has Africa been represented in the popular imagination? How has music shaped “African” identity? What can film and documentaries teach us about modern African life?



  • Pre/Co-requisites? There are no co- or pre-requisites
  • Music Background: No formal music background is required.
  • AFST 352A and 352B? Yes, you can STILL take this New Course (AFST 352B) and get FULL credit even if you have already taken AFST 352A
  • Text/Readings? There is no required textbook.  All readings and audiovisual materials will be provided
  • Mode of Delivery? Course mode of delivery will be hybrid: About 4 required in-person lectures and hands-on experiential workshops; at least 4 recommended synchronous virtual lectures and at least 4 asynchronous online lectures.
  • Other Resources? Course resources will include pre-recorded lectures, films and other resources all to be available on Canvas.
  • Guests? Yes, there will be guest speakers and clinicians to lead music workshops and possibly film discussions.

Have more questions? Contact Kofi Gbolonyo at jskofi.gbolonyo@ubc.ca