2021 Winter

THTR 440CColonization and Indigenous African Performances and Culture 

Term 2, Thursdays 2-5pm
This Student Directed Seminar builds a picture of the rich cultural contexts surrounding African theatrical traditions by drawing on African Studies, History, and Theatre. To do so, the course will introduce students to the ways in which theatre, as a concept, has been defined and debated, including careful consideration of how theatre was defined in an African context prior to colonization. Students will then be introduced to traditional African theatrical practices, including song, dance, and oral history. The seminar will also consider how colonialism has radically shifted African theatrical traditions by exploring its impact from initial European contact through present day. In this section of the course, students will evaluate the ways in which African theatrical traditions e&~ volved during the post-colonial era, sometimes to the point of near erasure. Students will leave this course with a better understanding of the effect of colonization on African theatrical performances and an enriched understanding of African culture.

AFST 250 – more information here

ASTU 204T: Swahili – Tuesday/Thursday 4-5:30 PM

And here is a beautiful YouTube video about this course:

ASFST 450R: African Diasporic Culture in African Canadian Communities in Term 2

This course covers African diasporic culture in Canadian society, fostering dialogue with members of African Canadian communities on cultural values, traditions, memory, adaptation and change.

**No prerequisite courses required