Minor in African Studies

Requirements for the Minor in African Studies

A total of 12 credit hours of lower level courses, and 18 credit hours of upper level courses are required to complete the requirements for the minor. Recommended lower level and upper level course offerings may change from year to year. Consult the course calendar for each year’s course offerings.

Lower level courses that may be counted toward the requirements should have some African content. Students are strongly encouraged to take lower level courses such as AFST 250, or HIST 256, which have a substantial theoretical or thematic African content.

Upper level courses that may be counted toward the requirements should be those with substantial African content (see list of approved upper level courses). It is mandatory to complete AFST 350, 351 or 352 as one of the upper level courses. These courses can be taken at any point during the minor. Students may tailor their courses according to their interest, in consultation with the Chair of the African Studies Minor program. It is recommended that students take AFST 250 early in their course work to plan for the minor. Additionally, up to 12 credit hours from study abroad such as the McGill Canadian Field Studies in Africa may be counted toward the minor.

This can be self declared, please contact Arts Academic Advising if you have any questions.