Other Associations

Canadian Students for Darfur

Canadian Students for Darfur is a non-governmental organization run by students. Their mission is to increase public awareness about the continuing crisis in Darfur throughout Canada. Their activities include fundraising and lobbying the Canadian government to become further involved in assisting to resolve the crisis.

World University Service of Canada

The World University Service of Canada (WUSC) is a national organization that emphasizes the importance of education in constructing a more equitable world. With over 50 chapters in universities and colleges across the country, WUSC generates cross-cultural understanding and cooperation through a number of various initiatives. At the forefront of WUSC’s agenda is the Student Refugee Program (SRP) which sponsors approximately forty students each year to study in Canada. With funds from the AMS, student fees and other sources the UBC WUSC committee is able to sponsor up to four students each year. Most of these students come from East Africa, bringing with them a sound academic record and an even stronger commitment to social responsibility.